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For those who know, Zaragoza (capital of Aragon in Spain), is rather known for its imposing (very imposing) Pilar basilica, not really for its links with Japanese culture.

And yet, on the small San Agustin square, Zaragoza is home to the only origami museum in Europe!

Origami enthusiasts managed to keep their passion alive (since 1944!) by organizing events, exhibitions and international origami meetings. It is thanks to this that the museum today has one of the most important origami collections in the world ( Akira Yoshizawa, Yoshihide Momotani, Eric Joisel, Vincent Floderer, for connoisseurs, are exhibited there).

The museum traces the history of origami across the centuries and continents, and also presents folding models, each as complex as the next. Every 3 months, a temporary exhibition highlights a specific artist or theme.

Currently, there are magnificent traditional Japanese dolls (ningyō = human figure in Japanese ) . are presented.

Some paper masterpieces to admire on site:

In addition to the exhibition space, the museum has a workshop in which folding courses are organized throughout the year, for beginners or advanced users!

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Escuela Museo Origami Zaragoza
Plaza San Agustín, 2 - Zaragoza


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