5 podcasts to accompany my days as a jewelry designer

The 100% handmade selection

The daily life of craftsmen can be very lonely, especially in the beginning of our projects and especially when we have worked for 7 years in an open space surrounded by colleagues (my case!). For 4 years, I have been a big consumer of podcasts: they punctuate my days and enrich me enormously.

The themes of Japan will of course be discussed, craftsmanship, entrepreneurship, creativity and colors.

So, here we go: prepare your favorite hot drink and follow the guide!

Wasabi Colors

I discovered Morgane Boullier's creations on Instagram (which shows that the algorithm sometimes does things well). Morgane is a French illustrator who lived in Japan and a specialist in sumi-e painting (a movement of Japanese painting originating in China): she is my favorite artist for this year 2023. Her paintings are incredible in their finesse. She recently created a podcast which is in her image: natural and exciting: we are in total immersion in Japan, the sounds, the colors, the traditions, we follow the life stories of French speakers in Japan. There are also 2 episodes on creating a sheet of washi paper that I recommend. Part of the podcast also concerns Morgane's creative process, her routines and her difficulties, which is just as instructive.

Japanese crafts creative podcast

Marion's workshop

This is the podcast that I recommend to all creators who are launching their brand, practical advice that is always relevant and very ingrained. How to organize your Christmas season? How to set your prices? How can you be taken seriously when you are a craftsman? So many questions that have all crossed our minds at some point. Marion is like the colleague we would like to have by our side to keep us motivated throughout the day :)

Podcast for creatives

Generation XX

Generation XX is a 100-episode podcast hosted by Siham Jibril. In each episode, Siham invites a woman to initiate a project, a business, an association. What follows is an exchange on their journey, their difficulties, their doubts and their advice too. This podcast is very inspiring and opens up the field of possibilities. These conversations put our feet back on the ground a little and show the behind the scenes of certain very well-known brands, when social networks would have us believe that everything is easy.

Podcast for creatives

Crowd colors

Couleurs Foule is a podcast that talks about color with a capital C. Through discussions and testimonies tinged with passion and history, Lucie, graphic designer-colorist, will take you to meet professionals: designers, craftsmen, artists, theoreticians, scientists... who will address their relationship to color in their profession and their daily lives.

I love this podcast, it's joyful and motivating and speaks to me a lot, me who spends my days with my nose buried in colorful washi paper.

Handmade Creation Podcast

Tastes and colors

Colors are never there by chance, they convey hidden meanings, codes, taboos or prejudices. They weigh on our daily life, our language and our imagination. They are neither immutable nor universal and have a turbulent history. Story with the French medievalist, specialist in color symbolism Michel Pastoureau.

This podcast in 5 episodes traces the history of blue, red, black, yellow and green through the centuries, fascinating!

Origami jewelry podcast

Happy listening!